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2023 Purgatory Scream Park Haunted House Information

Haunted House Helps

All the ghouls and goblins at Purgatory Scream Park Hanuted House want you to have the best terrifing experience possible. Below are some pointers to consider before you come to the park. You can also check out our FQA page for even more information.

CASH ONLY at the Haunted House

Ticket pruchase(s), merchandise and concessions are CASH ONLY onsite. ATM availaible onsite. Save time and join the shorter line by purchasing your ticket(s) thru our website. Transactions are safe and secure.

FREE Parking

Look for the VERY large banner at the entrance. Please follow the directions of our parking attendances and be patient. Park at your own risk, please protect your belongings.

TIPS for a Terrifying Time!

  • Wear close-toed shoes
  • No jewelry that dangles
  • Age limit is at parental discretion, no entry for children 2 and under
  • No touching actors or set elements
  • Come in September/early October for smaller crowds
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Houston's Top Rated Haunted House

Google Rating:(4.8 Stars)


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Purgatory Haunted House Attractions 2023

Prepare for an unforgettable journey through not one, not two, but four bone-chilling realms at Purgatory Scream Park Haunted House. Explore over 27,000 square feet of horrifying encounters. Will you have what it takes to survive the intense horrors that await?

Kingwood Asylum

Prepare to descend into the deepest depths of terror at Purgatory Scream Park’s The Kingwood Asylum. Beware the twisted doctor and his horrifying experiments on the unfortunate mental patients who dwell within its walls. The doctor thirsts for new patients, and as you navigate the asylum’s treacherous corridors, the question remains: Will you become his next twisted experiment? Enter if you dare, for the Kingwood Asylum is where nightmares become reality. Welcome to the scariest place on earth.

Step into the chilling depths of Asphyxia. As you enter, you’ll feel an oppressive heaviness in the air, suffocating your senses and stealing away your breath. The walls close in around you, casting eerie shadows that seem to whisper menacingly. With each step, the darkness engulfs you, and a sense of impending doom takes hold. Asphyxia will leave you gasping for air, your heart pounding with fear, in an experience you won’t soon forget. Dare to face the suffocating terror at Purgatory Scream Park.

Deadwood Monster Horro ax

Welcome to the haunting depths of Dead Wood, a menacing forest within Purgatory Scream Park. This chilling realm is known to ensnare the unwary with its twisted paths and eerie whispers, leaving visitors hopelessly lost and at the mercy of the spirits that dwell within. Dive into the shadows, where the gnarled trees reach out like skeletal fingers, and the air is thick with an otherworldly presence. Beware, for every step you take could lead you deeper into the heart of darkness. Do you dare to navigate the treacherous trails of Dead Wood and unravel its haunting secrets? Enter at your own risk, for this is where nightmares come to life.

Hysteria clown

Prepare to be enveloped by the shadows at Hysteria, an ominous forsaken carnival nestled within the depths of Purgatory Scream Park. Brace yourself as you step into a twisted realm where malevolent clowns and macabre figures lurk around every corner, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unleash unadulterated terror upon you. Embark on a heart-stopping odyssey through the chilling domains of fear, navigating the haunting abyss of Purgatory Scream Park’s most entertaining attraction. Will you dare to confront your deepest nightmares? Venture into Hysteria, but beware, for survival is not guaranteed.

We Are Waiting For You

From Houston

From Houston take 59/69 north to Norhtpark exit, turn right (east) onto Northpark Dr. Then turn left at Northpark Circle.


From Kingwood

From Kingwood we are located between Loop 494 and Woodland Hills Parkway on the north side of North Park Dr.

From Spring

From Spring take 99 to 59/69 south to feeder road south. Merge onto 59/69. Take Northpark Drive exit, turn ledft (east) on Northpark Dr. Then turn left at Northpark Circle.

From up North

From North on 59/69 to Northpark Drive exit, turn ledft (east) on Northpark Dr. Then turn left at Northpark Circle.

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Purgatory Scream Park Haunted House
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