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BEST Opening Weekend Yet...Thanks Houston!

2023 Purgatory Scream Park Haunted House Information

Haunted House Helps

All the ghouls and goblins at Purgatory Scream Park Hanuted House want you to have the best terrifing experience possible. Below are some pointers to consider before you come to the park. You can also check out our FQA page for even more information.

CASH ONLY at the Haunted House

Ticket pruchase(s), merchandise and concessions are CASH ONLY onsite. ATM availaible onsite. Save time and join the shorter line by purchasing your ticket(s) thru our website. Transactions are safe and secure.

FREE Parking

Look for the VERY large banner at the entrance. Please follow the directions of our parking attendances and be patient. Park at your own risk, please protect your belongings.

TIPS for a Terrifying Time!

  • Wear close-toed shoes
  • No jewelry that dangles
  • Age limit is at parental discretion, no entry for children 2 and under
  • No touching actors or set elements
  • Come in September/early October for smaller crowds
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Houston's Top Rated Haunted House

Google Rating:(4.8 Stars)


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Yelp Rating:(4.5 Stars)


What Our Haunted Victims Say

Emily MillerEmily Miller
02:54 01 Oct 23
The wait wasn't very long, the scare actors were AWESOME! The best haunted house I've ever been too!
Ash MxrxeAsh Mxrxe
04:14 30 Sep 23
Christopher JohnsenChristopher Johnsen
01:11 24 Sep 23
I get no refunds, but not when one of your kids freaks after a few seconds, and all I asked for was an exchange so I could come back another night. Bad form.
Stephany GomezStephany Gomez
07:04 23 Sep 23
Fox StenbergFox Stenberg
10:39 16 Sep 23
cinnamon said its great
13:43 15 Sep 23
horrible the actors were not even acting they laughing at how fat i was
Robert ReichardtRobert Reichardt
15:51 11 Sep 23
It is cool
Dylan BrittainDylan Brittain
01:49 26 Aug 23
Be a scare actor
12:03 20 Aug 23
14:19 06 Aug 23
Jared LesueurJared Lesueur
16:24 08 Jul 23
I’ve never been to the haunted house, but this is the place to go on Fourth of July and probably New Year’s.There is a firework store next to the park and people buy fireworks there and just launch all there fireworks at the park because it’s not allowed in certain neighborhoods in Kingwood.You can bring your own fireworks or just bring a chair and you could sit real close to may be the best firewood show in north east Houston. People throw down some serious cash.
Joey SchroederJoey Schroeder
05:59 24 Oct 22
Purgatory was honestly super fun! I enjoyed my time immensely and while it's true that it is a bit pricey ($40 for an adult), I also understand they have to pay for the actors talents/general maintenance so I didn't mind at all, plus you get what you paid for! The actors did an amazing job and if you are the clown actor (i think you had an axe?) who held my hand for a while throughout the haunted house, ilysm you were very cool and I felt it necessary to shout you out! I hope to go again soon!
Jesus EscorciaJesus Escorcia
12:14 19 Oct 22
It was a great experience. The prices were a little steep, especially if you ordered them online due to the convenience fees. But, it was totally worth it. We took a group of five and everyone got a Lear one jump scare even the not easily scared. They have so many staged rooms and sections that everyone will enjoy. The walk through took about 35-40 minutes from start to finish. We caught up to a different group in front of us that were take their time, but it was OK. We all enjoyed it very much.
Stephanie ClarkStephanie Clark
17:08 09 Oct 22
My husband & I have been to a lot of haunted houses, but this one was by far one of the best haunted houses around Houston. Throughout our time inside, we had a hard time figuring out if something was a prop or a human. The props were very high quality & the decor in each room was also very well done. I usually don’t get scared at these places but there were some areas inside that actually heightened my anxiety.
Amazing experience! Definitely worth the money… great attention to detail, actors were really in character, lasted 30+ minutes to complete the full walk through. My son is 9 and it was his first haunted house…. he begged for something “scary” and doubted it would be legit. Definitely passed the test, he loved it and had so much fun! Great memories!
Amanda BalesAmanda Bales
19:01 05 Oct 22
We go every year and pay for the fast pass. I do wish they would work on the timing better though. Maybe a little extra time in between groups for those who pay extra. We ended up with a group in front of us (getting all the jump scares) and a group right behind us (also getting all the scares / chased) so we ended up not enjoying it so much. Spent $120 for 2 tickets and an hour drive to walk in a big group we didn’t go with. Definitely the best locally though when you don’t have that issue. Also it was a pretty slow night.
Gabriel CastilloGabriel Castillo
04:43 25 Sep 22
Wow.2022 review I just came back from there and let me tell you awesome place. Many many actors and well decorated and spooky scenes. It was a scary at time and fun at the same time. There’s not that many awesome haunted houses in Houston and I have done haunted house attraction around the USA to visit some of the best (PENNSYLVANIA,NEW YORK,OHIO) I can attest that this rank among the top haunted houses I have visited.Thank you for a good time
Javier VillarrealJavier Villarreal
21:31 13 Sep 22
Amazing place to be. Captivates the mind. The amount of work that they put in to their characters is beyond me. The special effects manager Joe makes sure that quality control is perfect for the characters.
Tammy MorrisTammy Morris
11:24 16 Nov 21
We had the best time ever!! & it was cool seeing some of Screamworld’s actors there Our gear was custom made just for us!!
Catherine McCoyCatherine McCoy
00:58 02 Nov 21
It was great! They have some cool props and lots of real people dressed up and in character. The tour through the house lasts about 20 minutes. They have a DJ playing music while you wait your turn which makes time pass quickly. Best part is they have the "Monsters" walking through the crowd. Very entertaining.
Blake LynchBlake Lynch
13:28 31 Oct 21
I cannot brag enough on how much fun this place is. It was my sons first time at a haunted house and this place sets the bar extremely high. It’s the best one I’ve ever been to. The price seemed high at first but it’s so well done it’s totally worth every penny. The actors are top notch and know when to pull back for the kids, the themes you walk through are original and detailed.
Princess 86Princess 86
03:54 31 Oct 21
Wow we didn't go for 2 years and so much has changed. All the things that we loved about this place are no longer. We waited in line for over an hour only to walk through haunted house in a line. No joke. Even one of the actors said"it's like a parade"The only original clown was locked in a cage and had little interaction. Will not go again. Boo....
Amanda WatermanAmanda Waterman
07:09 30 Oct 21
Purgatory Scream Park was absolutely amazing! I drove from Katy to check it out. And it was by far the biggest haunted house I have ever visited and definitely one of the best. The props were so realistic, the line was not ridiculously long, and the crew did such a fantastic job. The tickets were reasonably priced and we didn't have any parking issues either it was totally worth every penny.This visit was very important to me because it was my son's 1st time experiencing a haunted house and I wanted it to be fun, amazing, and a memorable experience for him and it truly was.We will definitely be going back again!
Mariana GarzaMariana Garza
19:05 27 Oct 21
Worth the money. (Make sure to bring cash!!) Line was long but it moved quicker than expected. Definitely coming back next year!
Hallie RHallie R
03:27 25 Oct 21
This was probably in the top 3 haunted attractions I've ever visited. That being said, it didn't scare me.. but I'm not easily frightened. The haunt itself was quite long (about 20 minutes) with lots of different themes. I wish there had been more pitch black areas and claustrophobic areas. The spinning tunnel was freaking awesome. I could've done that part over and over. I caught up with the group in front of me early on which was a bummer. The props were well done, there were plenty of actors and most of them were committed to their roles. Outside while waiting in line was entertaining with music and lights and actors. I was in line for an hour, so the VIP ticket for an extra $20 might be worth it to some. The tickets are a bit pricey, but all of these things are anymore. I enjoyed myself though.
Natalia OchoaNatalia Ochoa
05:21 24 Oct 21
I love this place so much had such a great experience and they were soo nicee definitely recommend!!
05:14 24 Oct 21
I love this Haunted house, the wait was only about an hour which is not bad considering I went on a Saturday night. The setup is amazing this is the best Haunted house I've been too thus far. I recommend this place to everyone. You won't be disappointed. I definitely would return.
Michelle ElkinsMichelle Elkins
03:11 23 Oct 21
Great staff! Well worth the money spent for a good scare! Good for all ages interested in some frightening fun 😉
04:13 18 Oct 21
10/17/2021 - This is by far one of the best Haunted Houses if not THE BEST in the Houston Area. We've been to several in and around Houston, and our experience here made such an impression enough to rate and comment. Strongly Recommended!!! Its a long attraction, suggest to wear comfortable shoes, and DO NOT WEAR YOUR EXPENSIVE SHOES as the attraction will be indoors and outdoors. This attraction needs more advertising!! Definetly a THUMBS UP👍🏻👍🏻!!! NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!!
Katy SteinhauerKaty Steinhauer
03:38 18 Oct 21
One of my biggest complaints about this house was the the cutting in line, the parking AND standing lines. The lot attendant was standing close to the driveway that only 1- 2 cars could fit at a time without blocking traffic. The line turning left got long, so jerks went around to the next light, u-turned, and cut in front of us. I saw it happen like 10 times when I got close to the front. The person in front of us was cut in line by 3 cars before they finally had to block traffic to get in.While standing in line, people were constantly going around us. It was so frustrating. Easy thing to fix by writing and checking the time they arrived on the tickets.Which brings me to... the tickets. What is the point of buying tickets online if you have to go stand in line to get a physical ticket? What's funny is that if we had bought our tickets on site, the wait would've been half as long, because everyone was in the online line.The wait for us was about 2.5 hours. With the insane amount of people there, I understand. You have the option to upgrade to VIP ($20 extra per ticket) and completely skip the line.The first part of the house was super fun. Lots of actors and different rooms and my friend and I were screaming and laughing constantly. Until we caught up with the group in front of us. We thought maybe we were just going to fast, so we slowed down a little, but then the group behind us caught up with us. So we sped back up. While we were close to the group in front of us, we never got scared. We walked into empty rooms and no actors in the woods. Felt like we were just going for a stroll.Overall the actors were amazing. Seriously, all of them. The ones that kept the crowds occupied in line and the ones scaring. The giant mechanical things were amazing. Would I go again? Not without the VIP pass.
Stacy LeighStacy Leigh
07:12 17 Oct 21
This place is AMAZING! Went with my daughter and niece and we screamed and laughed so much! The staff was amazing and so talented! It was truly scary and very well put together. The props were so realistic. This place was PACKED and we still didn't run into another group. To the lady on the stilts, you rock! No negative remarks from me.. I enjoyed every second! To work somewhere THIS well done is a dream for me. Definitely going again next year!
ArieR56 CooperArieR56 Cooper
06:20 17 Oct 21
Everything was great except for the line, but the “creatures” kept entertaining everybody which was nice of them. I think them coming out and taking photos and talking to everyone for hours in line made it much more tolerable. Awesome to see them sneak up on unsuspecting victims and very comical. Made us laugh
Benice WebsterBenice Webster
03:47 17 Oct 21
This place was so fun.. I absolutely loved it. Everyone was friendly and scary.
Todd SproatTodd Sproat
03:14 17 Oct 21
Great experience, but gotta do something about the line. 2 to 3 hour wait with no way to get out except to walk backwards. Once you're in line its like a herd of cattle. 2 hours in and pretty thirsty. Just looking at dipping dots and funnel cakes wishing we could get over there. Other than that. Ready to have some fun.
Kimberly WilliamsKimberly Williams
02:56 17 Oct 21
Don't waste your money. It used to be good years ago. So very extremely disappointed
Ambient TechAmbient Tech
23:28 09 Oct 21
Best haunted house in Houston area. It's a little overpriced but the experience is about 35 - 40 minutes long so it's worth it. The actors are always in character and make the experience much more fun.
Ryan WardRyan Ward
20:24 06 Oct 21
Best in Houston and I've been to ALL of the haunted houses. You get your moneys worth. VERY long attraction. Well done!
Stephanie ShehadehStephanie Shehadeh
13:33 03 Oct 21
This haunt was a ton of fun. I took my son and his friend (both are 12) and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. There is an indoor portion and an outdoor portion. If it rained the day before or the day you go just know there is a lot of mud so wear shoes you dont care if they get mud soaked! Do not let the mud deter you though! It is so worth it! The props are amazing and the actors are phenomenal. They definitely scared us several times throughout. Highly recommend!
Former KAFormer KA
17:27 29 Sep 21
We wanted to try something new. We just heard about purgatory scream park so we went last weekend. OMFG it was awesome. How in the hell have I not heard of this place before? It was sooo long and they had actors everywhere. I swear I saw at least 90-100 characters. The carnival was crazy good. I’m going to get a group of friends and go again. Y’all if you haven’t heard of this place you have to go.
Brian JamesBrian James
17:23 29 Sep 21
The best haunted house I’ve ever been to hands down and I have been to them all. The attention to detail was amazing. They had a ton of actors and scared me several times which is very hard to do.
Sabra HoldenSabra Holden
20:59 28 Sep 21
Great place to go!! A bit expensive but definitely worth the time and money! I’ve been NUMEROUS times and know MANY people that love it. It was scary the first time going through. There was so much attention to detail and great acting!!
Philip ShawPhilip Shaw
20:49 28 Sep 21
Purgatory Scream Park is undoubtedly the place to go to, if you're in search of something of this nature this season. It's so immersive, and interactive, love every second of it.
Neila OwenNeila Owen
20:46 28 Sep 21
Great both working at the haunt as well as being there prior getting to experience it all on the other side!!! It gets better each year!
Theresa RobertsonTheresa Robertson
17:20 25 Sep 21
Very scary, yet very professional with fun-loving management.
Robert ReichardtRobert Reichardt
06:03 25 Sep 21
This was a wonderful experience to share Purgatory Fear Parks opening day. It was my 12th opening day at a Houston Haunt. Check this place out its awesome.
Joshua ParkerJoshua Parker
05:57 27 Mar 21
This place was absolutely amazing!!!!! I will be returning.
Tyra KennedyTyra Kennedy
19:52 17 Feb 21
Absolutly amazing. I highly recommend this place. Ive known the owners for over 10 years now, and they have never let me down. Super worth going to. (P.S. please pay attention to parking dorectors/signs.) Thanks
Katherine RiosKatherine Rios
14:56 16 Nov 20
We went last weekend and I can honestly say that this is, by far, the BEST haunted house in Houston. As a regular patron to most haunted house attractions throughout Houston each year, often visiting our "regulars" multiple times, we decided to branch out a bit and make the drive to Kingwood. OMG, the haunt itself, is top shelf!! Twists and turns, jump scares, lights, surprises around every corner, the haunt design had different themes ( the carnival was my fave) and the staff/actors engaged with us, staying in character the whole time! I loved the decor, they mastered the Halloween vibe and you can tell the entire staff truly pour their hearts into entertaining all that come to visit. Halloween is our "Christmas" and we go several (SEVERAL) times throughout the entire month. Phobia, 13th floor, haunted trails and screamworld (until it closed) and while we've had fun at those haunts (and will continue to visit them each year) Purgatory Scream Park has won first place and will be the one we most brag about and recommend to others. What an amazing team of actors, hospitable and welcoming staff, fantastic decor and props. Parking was well coordinated and law enforcement was on site. Very well priced for the length of the walk through and overall experience. Highly recommend!!!
Megan SellersMegan Sellers
03:18 31 Oct 20
It was really cool worth the money but with covid-19 i felt that they didn't go all out like they could
19:33 26 Oct 20
Amazing people and great scares! Everyone we see puts there heart into this place
emily herronemily herron
16:59 26 Oct 20
I was scared pretty good throughout the beginning of the attraction and I liked the tunnel effect but they send groups in too close together and we ended up catching up to the group ahead of us. The woods was like the bottom of a roller coaster and it was kind of just there. Also I heard one of the actors yell at another guest for cussing but I mean its a haunted house and you cant handle cuss words lmfao.
Laura GarzaLaura Garza
17:53 25 Oct 20
Brought my daughter and friends for 12 yo birthday. So much fun! Fast pass is the way to go.
Michelle CueMichelle Cue
14:41 17 Oct 20
This place was awesome. A lot of jump scares! They did a great job with the decorations and incorporating scary haunts inside multiple buildings and outdoors on a trail. I would go back. Cost is a little higher than some other haunted houses I’ve been to but that’s because they have so much to see and many staff members. Free parking. The wait time line to get in went by fairly quickly too. It was a fun double date.
Amber DunnAmber Dunn
05:44 17 Oct 20
Definitely worth going here.Great animatronics, good costumes, awesome room set-ups. There’s a large variety of themes and with each theme they go all out. There are a ton of employees, so when you’re going through the haunted house it’s not only props but real people doing the scares.You can tell they really value what they do and they put a lot into it. This is worth the money, I highly recommend.Might not be able to use a card. ATM is available but you can also buy your tickets online and use your phone. Masks are required. It took about 35 minutes to go through the whole place. Waiting in line is long but it’s a lot of fun because so many employees are dressed up and interacting with you.
Mike BallejoMike Ballejo
05:18 17 Oct 20
Best visuals/effects I’ve ever seen for a haunted house. I mostly admire the scenery but scare moments were on point. Just make sure and bring cash if you’re gonna buy your ticket at the park.
Kiesa EdgarKiesa Edgar
02:57 05 Oct 20
This is the place to be hands down. Worth every dollar. My husband held me and my son. Fell down twice, ran for my life. Will come again. The best I ever been from start to finish. My family loved every moment.

Purgatory Haunted House Attractions 2023

Prepare for an unforgettable journey through not one, not two, but four bone-chilling realms at Purgatory Scream Park Haunted House. Explore over 27,000 square feet of horrifying encounters. Will you have what it takes to survive the intense horrors that await?

Kingwood Asylum

Prepare to descend into the deepest depths of terror at Purgatory Scream Park’s The Kingwood Asylum. Beware the twisted doctor and his horrifying experiments on the unfortunate mental patients who dwell within its walls. The doctor thirsts for new patients, and as you navigate the asylum’s treacherous corridors, the question remains: Will you become his next twisted experiment? Enter if you dare, for the Kingwood Asylum is where nightmares become reality. Welcome to the scariest place on earth.

Step into the chilling depths of Asphyxia. As you enter, you’ll feel an oppressive heaviness in the air, suffocating your senses and stealing away your breath. The walls close in around you, casting eerie shadows that seem to whisper menacingly. With each step, the darkness engulfs you, and a sense of impending doom takes hold. Asphyxia will leave you gasping for air, your heart pounding with fear, in an experience you won’t soon forget. Dare to face the suffocating terror at Purgatory Scream Park.

Deadwood Monster Horro ax

Welcome to the haunting depths of Dead Wood, a menacing forest within Purgatory Scream Park. This chilling realm is known to ensnare the unwary with its twisted paths and eerie whispers, leaving visitors hopelessly lost and at the mercy of the spirits that dwell within. Dive into the shadows, where the gnarled trees reach out like skeletal fingers, and the air is thick with an otherworldly presence. Beware, for every step you take could lead you deeper into the heart of darkness. Do you dare to navigate the treacherous trails of Dead Wood and unravel its haunting secrets? Enter at your own risk, for this is where nightmares come to life.

Hysteria clown

Prepare to be enveloped by the shadows at Hysteria, an ominous forsaken carnival nestled within the depths of Purgatory Scream Park. Brace yourself as you step into a twisted realm where malevolent clowns and macabre figures lurk around every corner, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unleash unadulterated terror upon you. Embark on a heart-stopping odyssey through the chilling domains of fear, navigating the haunting abyss of Purgatory Scream Park’s most entertaining attraction. Will you dare to confront your deepest nightmares? Venture into Hysteria, but beware, for survival is not guaranteed.

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Purgatory Scream Park Haunted House
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